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June 15: “Finding Nemo” Luke 15:11-32

The father in the story of the Prodigal Son did not want his son to stay home out

of some sense of obligation. And the father certainly did not want his son to be

there just waiting for him to die so that he could get his hands on the inheritance.

The father certainly did not let the boy go because of weakness; he was giving

the son what the son thought he wanted, in the hope that someday he would

want something else — something better. Only if he saw the emptiness of living

away from the father would he want to return to the father willingly. Only if he

experienced what it was like to be away from the father’s love would the desire

for that love begin to grow.

June 22: “Frozen” John 15:13

How great is the love of God for us?  God sent Jesus into our world to die for us.

Through that act we see the depth of love that Christ reveals.  Our God loves us

enough to suffer and die to bring us into relationship.  God proves his love for us

in this act.  We as the Church need to live in this love, and radiate this love to

the entire world.  Let us marinate in the love of God as it is revealed to us in

the person of Christ Jesus.

June 29: “Jungle Book” Matthew 11:25-30

Join us as we celebrate the Feast of St. Francis, a day to bless animals and to ask

God’s forgiveness for our mistreatment of them and of the Earth, the home we

share with them. And in celebration of our brother from Assisi, it’s also a day to

bless children, a day to bless the poor, a day to bless our enemies, and a day to

bless holy fools who are crazy enough to live as citizens of God’s kingdom in this

life, not waiting for the next.

July 6: “Toy Story” Proverbs 17:17